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Live for Today....But….Plan for Tomorrow

Every day families are faced with the difficult task of losing a loved one and saying goodbye to them.  It’s always an overwhelming experience.  When this happens, filled with emotions and grief, you are forced to find a funeral home and make numerous decisions.  This can cause undue stress on everyone involved, especially if it becomes a financial burden on family members.  Most people don’t want to leave this burden to their loved ones.

·         How will the bills and funeral expenses be paid?

·         Who will pay for any outstanding medical bills?

·         Can your family afford to pay these bills?

A FINAL EXPENSE WHOLE LIFE INSURANCE PLAN can give family members the comfort of knowing they will not have to reach into their savings and investments, or worse yet, have to borrow money or use a credit card to pay for your final expenses and maybe even medical bills.

·        Rates never increase and Coverage never decreases (as long as the required premiums are paid)

·         Income Tax Free death benefit

·         Benefits paid directly to your beneficiary (no probate)

·         No medical exams – just a few simple health questions

·         The insurance company cannot cancel your policy due to your age or health

Don’t leave this burden to your loved ones…..

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